How My Paparazzi was Born

Picture this: the year is 1964, and my dad and uncle are photographing guests at a fabled Catskills resort to earn money for college. (If you don’t know the lore of the Catskills in the 60s, let the movie Dirty Dancing enlighten you.) I loved hearing their stories of how they would develop the film, punch-out the subjects in the photographs and then place them into, what they called, “Peepers,” which were essentially key-chain-sized viewers. My dad and uncle got pretty skilled at candid photography, and an impressive number of guests purchased their Peepers.

I certainly got the photo-gene myself. I remember as a child being fascinated by the Diane Arbus book that was a permanent fixture of our living room coffee table. Flipping through the pages, I began to understand how powerful photography could be, and knew I wanted in. Throughout my career, I’ve been on both sides of the camera. From walking the Hollywood Red Carpet to co-founding a global fashion brand, I’ve been the subject and the artist. But if you ask me what I think is the most exciting kind of photography I would say (you guessed it) paparazzi

The beauty of candid photography is that it cannot be staged. It cannot be replicated, no matter how hard you try. It is raw and real. Typically paparazzi photography is very celebrity-centric and the average person doesn’t often get to experience the pleasure of owning a photo of themselves which captures an essence of who they are.

Adam Jacobs Founder and CEO

Thus, My Paparazzi was born. I created this platform with two main goals in mind:

To empower, and create more business opportunities, for photographers

To create a positive paparazzi experience and provide stunning photography for everyone.

It is my hope that all photographers, no matter what skill level, will feel that they can be part of the My Paparazzi family.

The Process & Philosophy Behind My Paparazzi