The Process & Philosophy Behind My Paparazzi

Monetize Your Candid Eye

In today’s world, documenting memories is everything. We want to remember places we visit, people we love, and experiences we value. As photographers, we know how challenging, and how many hundreds of hours it takes, to master capturing special moments in time. These days, the average person can easily snap photos on their smartphone, but snapping genuine moments of joy and connection is harder to come by. This is where you come in –– giving a new name to Paparazzi photography.

Where to Take Photos

By choosing tourist locations, or those with heavy foot traffic, you can offer customers Paparazzi-style photos with the kind of emotional rawness that can only occur when people are unaware they are being photographed. Whether you’re at a festival, famous landmark, or iconic street, the process is seamless. Ready to make money?

What Happens After You Take the Photos?

Once you get the shots you want, the next step is to approach your subjects in a friendly and casual way. Introduce yourself as a Paparazzi photographer and let them know that you just captured a great photo (or photos!) of them..

How Customers Can Find You

If your subjects are interested in seeing your work, you can hand them your My Paparazzi card, which will lead them to their photos and your photographer profile. Think of your profile as a digital business card where customers can contact you directly for future gigs.

What You Need to Do

Once you’re done snapping photos for the day, you’ll have 24 hours to upload them onto your profile (but we recommend uploading them even sooner) so that customers can see what you produced and, of course, buy and download their favorite shots.

How Much Can I Make?

Photos are currently listed on our website for a flat rate of $10. We only keep an administration fee of currently $1 and the rest goes to you –– because we believe in empowering independent photographers..

What’s Next?

Sign up for a My Paparazzi membership and start earning money today! $14.95/month membership fee. Cancel at any time. How do you get paid? We partnered with Stripe for a secure and convenient payment system. You will receive an email with a link to set up your Stripe account.